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Gamdom Casino · Overview

One of the most important rules, in order to be a successful online casino operator, is to simply be unique. Considering that there are thousands of online casinos out there, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many casinos are quite similar to one another. Well, it only takes a couple of seconds on the state-of-the-art Gamdom casino platform to come to the conclusion that this is probably one of the most unique online casinos you can find on the market.

And while it is true that we’ve already said this for a couple of online operators in the past, Gamdom comes packing some of the quirkiest features and entertaining gambling tools we guarantee many of our readers never even heard of before.

Eventually, it doesn’t take being an expert to realize that the goal of the creative minds behind Gamdom was to come up with a casino platform that instantly stands out from the competition. And judging by the looks of it, they’ve managed to do just that.

One of the first things that you will notice when you visit the website is the live chat, which is definitely one of a kind, with up to 15 chat rooms in different languages. The reason for this extensive live chat is due to the desire of Gamdom to create the perfect players’ environment, and what better way than coming up with an in-casino social platform where players share their mutual interest, online gaming? In addition, it is the perfect way for the casino to get daily feedback from the players regarding everything from technical difficulties to personalized requests and ideas for improvement. And this is just one of the many awesome surprises that this casino has in store.

Considering that it already hit the 10 million users mark, Gamdom, which operates since 2016, certainly knows how to entertain its customers. Aside from the unique features such as the live users counter which always lets you know exactly how many people are online, this casino has basically all requirements to operate as a full-blown online casino. Extensive entertainment, unique gambling tools, beautiful design and creative interface, amazing rewards… You get the picture.

And this is without mentioning the sportsbook and eSports departments that make for one all-around online casino operator. Considering that we’ve barely scratched the surface, the best course of action is to proceed with reading the full review of Gamdom casino and experience for yourself one of the most entertaining gambling platforms in recent times.

Gamdom Casino · Slots

Just as we mentioned above, the idea with Gamdom is to provide the ultimate gambling entertainment on the internet, and without a proper slot library, this wouldn’t be possible. For that matter, you should know that this casino offers a whopping total of 2928 online slot games, which needless to say is absolutely amazing. Due to this extensive offer of slot games, you can expect to find basically every title you can think of, in addition to certain hidden gems that you can’t find elsewhere.

One such case is Gamdom Strike, an authentic title that Gamdom casino created in collaboration with the game developer Caletta, and is exclusive to this casino. Yes, this casino partnered with one of the giant iGaming studios to come up with its very own slot game that is based on the all-time classic first-shooter game, Counter-Strike.


Speaking of providers, Gamdom works with almost 60 of the finest iGaming studios in the business, which is evident if we take into account that there are quite a few game categories at this casino. The best part about the providers is that each provider comes with its own game category, which drastically saves you time, and consequently money, being that you do not need to endlessly scroll in order to find the right provider.

Another quirky, yet utmost helpful tool, which is also an example of extreme attention to detail is the heart-shaped like button that is standard with all slot games. In particular, you will notice that each slot comes equipped with its very own like button, which you will notice is just below the game, and shows the precise number of people that liked that particular slot. This is something that you probably won’t see anytime soon, yet it is definitely one of the best tools since it helps you determine the popularity of the slot you are about to play.

Gamdom Casino · Slots 2

Moreover, it wouldn’t be one of the most unique casinos without another unique feature such as the progress table for the players, just below the slot offer. Here, you can monitor all current betting activity at the slots, with the possibility of choosing from up to three categories: live bets, most wagered and most profit. Not only does this help you tailor a spending strategy by looking at other’s people bets, but you also get a real-time statistic as to what game is played the most as well. Simply put, Gamdom is one of the handfuls of operators that doesn’t waste resources in creating what many players deem as the ultimate online casino on the internet. And this casino has more than enough to back that claim.


We cannot end the slots department without mentioning the awesome Slot Battles section. This is yet another rare and exclusive feature, where just as the name suggests, you participate in slot battles. Now, you can either create a battle for yourself and wait for players to join, or you yourself can join a battle that another player already created. Either way, you can gather up to 20 different players and more in a single battle, and this certainly makes things much more interesting than the standard way of playing slots. Absolutely ingenious, and a testament to the innovative approach of Gamdom casino.

Gamdom Casino · Live Casino

If you thought that the entertainment will simmer down with the Live Casino department, then boy you are wrong. Employing a total of 90 casino table games, and another total of 159 live games in its arsenal, Gamdom once again proves that it is all about satisfying the customers. Considering that the live casino department is one of the most neglected and often lacking options, this casino perfectly understands that without the classic casino games that are the backbone of online gambling, you simply cannot provide a proper casino experience.


As a result of this impressive casino offer, be prepared to find not only the standard casino and live games, but also a spectrum of different options for each. Just have a look at some of the most popular options.

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Bacarrat
  • Keno
  • Dream Catcher
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Loot & Boot
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Mega Ball
  • Dear or No deal

Gamdom Originals ( Roulette, Crash, Hilo and Tradeup)

When we said get ready for one of the most unique casinos, we meant exactly that. The Gamdom Originals are several in-house games created by the casino itself and are based on some of the most popular games at most online casinos. This exclusive game category is the home of the Gamdom Originals: Roulette, Crash, Hilo and Tradeup. Moreover, you will notice that while these games are based on already existing games, Gamdom put the effort into creating some rather unique features and visuals specifically for their versions. The end result is one of a kind experience, reserved exclusively for the players at Gamdom casino.

Sports Betting & eSports

Well, it wouldn’t be right to mention the entertainment at Gamdom without giving a shoutout to both the sports betting and esports betting departments. Now, not only you will find that both the sportsbook and the eSportsbook are packed with basically every major sport you can think of, but thanks to the impeccable attention to detail by this operator, you can see the win probability in percentage for each major upcoming bet/game, regardless of the sport. And yet again, this drastically improves your chances of placing the right bet, as you instantly get a clear idea as to who is the favourite of the two teams.


In addition, there is huge customization freedom with this casino, with up to 19 different languages and 6 odds types including decimal, American, fractional, Honk-Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian.

Thanks to the clever tab with all current eSports tournaments, all you need to do in order to bet is just click on any of the game icons (Call of Duty, CS: GO, Dota, Lol), and just place your bet on one of the options that will appear below the tournaments. Convenient, smart and definitely worth your time, the entertainment at Gamdom casino is definitely one of the best we’ve covered so far. Top-notch by any standards!


When it comes to payment methods at Gamdom, there is nothing short of a plethora of fast and reliable options, including the latest digital craze, cryptocurrencies, gift cards and Steam. Yes, in addition to the standard fiat options, Gamdom gives you the opportunity to bet with 4 different Steam deposit methods that include Rust, Team Fortress, CS:GO and Dota2.

Same as with the cryptocurrencies, Gamdom casino gives you the option to use 4 different crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether and Ethereum. And the casino even thinks of the players that are not experienced in crypto, being that it provides a mini-guide below the crypto deposit options, where you can find all of the essential info regarding crypto deposits, as well as several crypto exchanges to choose from. Player-oriented, and this is only another stacking proof.

Speaking of Gift Cards, at Gamdom you can choose between Mastercard, Paysafecard, Visa, Google Pay, PayPal and Trustly. In particular, there are several gift card deposit options, all varying in value: $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $250.

Finally, Gamdom offers a long list of standard payment options, all of which are well-known and widely used. This list includes Visa, Mastercard, Webmoney, Web Pay, Wechat, Yandex, Yandex Money, Neosurf, Skrill, Union Pay, Qiwi, EcoPayz, Safety Pay, Spey and Upi Pay.

From here, the minimum deposit with any of the payment methods is as low as $5, while the maximum depends on the method that you are using. The same goes for withdrawals, where the minimum and maximum amount will depend on what country you are coming from, and the transaction method that you decide to use. Either way, there is a list of options to choose from.


When it comes to safety, there is absolutely no need to be worried when it comes to Gamdom. This is a regulated and licensed online casino operator, that is approved by the widely-used Curacao gaming authority. Moreover, the casino uses 128-bit encryption technology that is specifically to protect your personal data, and that is a mandatory safety feature for all legitimate online gambling operators in the world.

And in addition to both the license and the encryption technology, Gamdom also employs a 24/7 customer service team that is very friendly, utmost responsive and helpful. All in all, Gamdom is one of the safest options out there, and one very transparent online gambling operator that spends countless hours creating the utmost convenient player-first oriented gaming platform.

Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Well, it wouldn’t be the ultimate casino entertainment without the use of rewarding bonuses and hefty promotions. And this is just what Gamdom has in store for its players, both upcoming and regular, especially if we consider all of the ways that the casino has prepared to reward the players. However, Gamdom does things a bit differently in this department.

For starters, the Welcome Bonus at Gamdom is anything but usual, since you get to claim it way before you make a deposit. You read that right, as soon as you register with the casino, you get a 15% Rakeback for the first 7 days at Gamdom casino. During this week, every deposit that you make will be calculated towards the release of a hand-picked and customized reward. You can follow your progress in the Rewards category, along with all the details concerning your rewarding Rakeback bonus.

All in all, the casino makes sure that you have three options such as instant, weekly and monthly Rakeback bonuses. Players should be aware that the percentage of the weekly and the monthly rakeback depends on the level of the player, starting from levels 1-10, up to the highest levels that number +141.

Furthermore, one of the absolute fan-favourite promotions at Gamdom is the Rain Bot rewarding feature reserved specifically for the live chat. This is yet another unique feature solely for Gamdom, and features up to 4 different Rain Bot rewarding modes that include: Rain, Volcano, Tornado and Tsunami. While the Rain Bot mode releases ‘regular’ amounts of money, the Tsunami, the Tornado and the Volcano are the ones you need to look out for. Just make sure that you keep your eyes on the chat in case there is a ‘reward forecast’ on the horizon, and simply claim some of these awesome, free, and absolutely wager free cash rewards.

Casino Bonuses & Promotions 2

King of the Hill is one of the trademarks of Gamdom casino, considering that this event is almost always available for participation. In what seems to be one of the most rewarding features of this casino, the King of the Hill promo is an excellent chance for a single player to win the whopping $44.000 first-prize reward, out of the total $100.000 currently in the prize pool. And just as you would expect, Gamdom lets you track the point progress of all participants in this event, thanks to the real timetable right below the King.


Lastly, we have the Gamdom VIP System. This is where all of the high rollers at Gamdom gather to reap the rewards for their loyalty. Particularly, the Gamdom VIP System features a personal VIP casino manager that is tasked to tailor specific offers and rewards, based on your playing profile. These exclusive rewards can include free spins, extra rakeback, cashback, reloads, etc. The best part about the VIP club is as the casino puts it, the bar to qualify for the VIP system is rather low, unlike other casinos where you are required to lose a substantial amount of money before you are declared a VIP player. Well, that is not the case with Gamdom.

Responsible Gambling Scoring Index > 🟠 CONCERN

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  • Prevention of underage gambling
  • Ethical and responsible marketing
  • Budget Calculator
  • Reality Check
  • Access Account History
  • Deposit Limits
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  • Session Limits
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  • Self Assessment
  • Responsible Gambling Policy


To sum up everything about Gamdom in one sentence is simply impossible. Considering that this is literally one of the best-equipped online casinos out there, there are truly no words to describe how excellent this online operator is. Simply by looking at the creative design, you can tell that this is not an average online casino. In fact, Gamdom is everything, but average.

The most impressive thing by far about Gamdom is the fact that this casino has basically every type of entertainment out there. Up to such an extent, this casino even creates its very own games. And this is something that only a handful of operators can brag about, being that is almost always exclusive only to the best casinos out there. Well, Gamdom offers 6, very unique games, that we guarantee you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Not to mention the ‘regular’ entertainment at Gamdom, if we can even call that, considering how much effort this casino puts into being anything but regular. This results in nearly 3000 slot games, 159 live games, and 90 casino games, as well the professional sportsbook, and one of the best eSportsbooks we’ve seen recently. This casino makes sure that you get the finest entertainment possible, only in abundance.

However, nothing comes close to Gamdom when it comes to all of the useful and awesome gambling tools and features throughout the website. Starting with the live players’ chat with 19 different chat rooms, each representing a different country. And the best part about the chat? Not only do you have fun, but this is where the casino drops the unique Rain Bot feature that literally rains free cash for a limited time, only in the chat.

Moreover, we have the like button below the slots that tells you how popular that particular slot is, and the exact number of people who liked that particular game. Then, there is the list of various deposit methods, which include bitcoin, gift cards and even a Steam account. And this is without mentioning the live players’ counter in the top left corner, or the real-time tables where you can track the progress of the players.

The one thing certain players might find lacking is a proper info page regarding all the payment information such as the minimum and maximum deposit amount for each method. Aside from this, it can be a real challenge to find something wrong with this online casino.

Not only it is modern and comes with everything you can think of, but it also comes with a reputation as a giant provider as well. I mean, you do not reach 10 million users by accident. Only by absolute dedication, relentless desire to improve, and perfect understanding of what the players want.

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