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BC.Game Casino · Overview

BC.Game is an online casino that falls into the category of casinos that will instantly get your attention. Usually, we tend to say this whenever we deal with a vibrant interface or strong colours. While this is definitely the case with BC.GAME as well, it is very clear that this online casino is all about innovation. Aside from the beautiful colours that perfectly complement the simple, yet modern website, BC.Game is unique due to the fact that it is a full-blown crypto online casino. And as such, you can definitely get ready for a whole new level of online casino gaming.

In fact, it is noticeable that this operator truly makes an effort to provide unparalleled entertainment for your money. That is regardless of what section you are currently in. Everything seems custom-made.

Established in 2017, BC.Game is licensed by the Curacao gaming authority, and run by BlockDance B.V. Moreover, it is very clear that the concept of this online casino is to completely change the way that online operators work. That is due to the fact that BC.GAME employs an array of convenient features and unique ‘gimmicks’, in order to slightly improve the player’s experience. As a result, you will notice that certain things are different with this operator.

And believe us, chances are you won’t be looking for another online casino for quite some time. Lightning-fast transactions, unique games and features, global chat… Just keep reading and see why BC.Game is what many players call a game-changer.

BC.Game Casino · Slots

In light of what we said previously when it comes to online slots, BC.Game is definitely a pure entertainment hub. Not only you will find a plethora of online slots, BC.Game has its own personal set of games, uniquely for this online casino. We will leave you with these couple of facts. BC.Game relies on 24 top-tier iGaming providers for their entertainment. Such an extensive list of developers contributes to the whopping 1907 online slots that you can currently play at BC.Game.

With such potent entertainment prowess, you can expect to find pretty much every single online slot you can imagine, and then some. And the best part, the menu for the games is 100% player-oriented. Easy to navigate, informative, and captivating. It simply ranks up there with the best, when it comes to its entertainment platform.

The BC Originals is a special section right above the online slots department, and it definitely contains unique gaming content. In there you will find 19 unique games, varying between single-player games and competitive multiplayer games. Such is the case with the game Crush, where not only do you go against other players, but you can also see all of the bets that your competition makes. And that is just one out of a list of these amazing games. Mines, Plinko, Wheel, Limbo… you are definitely in for an unforgettable gaming experience.

BC.Game Casino · Live Casino

Just like the slots, when it comes to the live casino, BC.Game casino comes with a bit of extra. Meaning that with 231 live casino table games you can definitely be sure that this is one of the biggest live casino sections out there. Consequently, you can expect to find all of the classic casino table games and a long list of variations of the same. On top of this, there are a number of unique games that will definitely get your attention. Just take a look below:

  • Poker
  • Keno
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt
  • Mega Wheel

Just like the slots department, all of the games are conveniently placed in a user-friendly menu, where you will find all of the game types. Starting from the most popular, up to the newly added. BC.Game even allows you to play any last game that you played, in addition to enabling you the option to bookmark your favourite games. And if that is not time-saving, we don’t know what is.


When it comes to the payment options with BC.Game, things are very simple. That is simply because this online casino operates solely with cryptocurrencies. And staying true to its ability to provide options, you will find a list of different cryptocurrencies at BC.Game. This results in a total of 28 cryptocurrencies that you can choose from.

Some of the most popular include bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, dashcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, polkadot, etc. Due to the fact that each cryptocurrency has a different value, the deposit and withdrawal amounts vary from one coin to another.

In order to deposit, the first thing you need is to find your wallet on the deposit page, click on the page and then copy your wallet address, or simply scan a QR code. Withdrawing your funds is pretty much the same. Just enter the wallet address on the withdraw page, and select the amount you wish to withdraw. Due to the two-way charge, each withdrawal transaction comes with a certain fee, with the lowest being just 0.1%.

Blockchain technology is all about anonymity, speed and safety. As such, you will find that using cryptocurrencies for online gaming is an unmatched experience.


BC.Game operates under a license issued by the Curacao gaming authority. In addition, it uses mandatory SSL encryption technology that further guarantees the protection of your personal information. Moreover, due to the fact that this is a crypto casino, there is a whole new set of perks. These include anonymity, lightning-fast transactions, a plethora of options, and consequently, security. In other words, BC.Game is as safe as they come.


Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Just as expected, BC.Game packs a list of different bonuses and promotions to reward its players. And due to BC.Game being a crypto casino, all of the bonuses and promotions are a bit different from what we are used to at regular online casinos. And uniqueness and innovation are two things that we always appreciate at Gamblers Connect.

The Welcome package at BC.Game is literally one of the most rewarding you can ask for, at any online casino. That is because you can claim a welcome bonus on your first four deposits. Usually, each of the four deposits comes with a different percentage, most of the times starting high, and as you deposit going a bit lower. However, at BC.Game for each of your four deposits you get the same percentage, except for the last one. Just take a look:

  • 1st Deposit – Up to 180%
  • 2nd Deposit – Up to 180%
  • 3rd Deposit – Up to 180%
  • 4th Deposit – Up to 240%

And that is only the beginning. While you may find that certain promotions have limited availability, BC.Game will never leave you without at least three hefty promotions.

One such is the BC Dollar, where you can exchange 1 BCD coin for 1 USD. Moreover, there is the ‘SHITCODE‘, where the more ‘shitcodes’ you redeem, the bigger your crypto rewards.

Casino Bonuses & Promotions 2

BC.Game even has special rewards for its VIP customers. Specifically, the bigger the VIP level, the more VIP bonuses and promotions you can claim. One such promotion is the Rakeback bonus, where regardless of whether you win or lose you, either way, you collect rakebacks.

The Recharge bonus is an excellent way to instantly re-fill your balance, in case you had a bit of bad luck.

The Where is Coco bonus and Rain are two promotions, again reserved only for the VIP players as well. Take a look below and see the VIP levels that make you eligible for each promotion.

  • Rakeback Bonus – VIP 14
  • Recharge Bonus – VIP 22
  • Where Is Coco Bonus – VIP 14
  • Rain – VIP 4

VIP Club

It is safe to say that BC.Game has one of the most specific, and consequently rewarding VIP programs. Moreover, you will find that the more you climb the VIP rankings, the more perks and rights you unlock. Some of these are unique and depend on your current VIP level:

Roll Competition: Daily Doge dice roll – VIP 3
Tip: Send tips to your friends – VIP 4
Secret Treasure: Depends on ranking; the higher the better – VIP 4
Private Chat: Chat with friends and other players privately – VIP 4
Raining: Every 6 hours, random rewards in chat – VIP 4

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As a matter of fact, BC.Game casino will make sure that you get absolutely unmatched VIP treatment. And to ensure this, they are using a list of unique perks, and amazing awards. Starting with a private VIP host, up to rewards and perks that rarely the other online casinos can match. Some of these unique perks include:

  • Exclusive VIP Host 24/7
  • SVIP Code
  • Free Crypto Coins
  • All-Expenses Paid SVIP Trips
  • SVIP Hotel Suite
  • SVIP Party – Annual SVIP Party

We suggest consulting with your VIP host in case you have any questions, or you win any of these cool perks. That is because certain benefits and perks require specific conditions in order to be released.


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  • Responsible Gambling Policy
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  • Ethical and responsible marketing
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  • Loss Limits
  • Self Assessment
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Final Thoughts

Wasting words in describing BC.Game is definitely something that is impossible. And the reason for that is quite simple. This online casino operator is one of the most complete online casinos we’ve ever had the pleasure to review. Aside from the fact that operates as a crypto casino, it is without a doubt one of the most exciting operators at the moment. For starters, you will find a crazy game library of 1907 online slots. And that is without mentioning the 231 live casino games that are a rarity, and the most neglected at most online casinos. Well, not at BC.Game.

On top of this, BC.Game prepares an upcoming Sports section, where players will be able to play at BC.Game’s brand new sportsbook. And judging by the overall high quality of the casino, we expect that to be the case with the sports section as well.

BC.Game also packs quite a few unique sections and features, which definitely increase its rating. In order to achieve this, BC.Game decided to integrate a list of different interactive features and games. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to go against real players, and at the same time, forge new friendships with your competition. For that, BC.Game uses a global site chat and the helpful BC Forum. In other words, the entire BC.Game community can interact with each other, regardless of the subject.

BC.Game also comes with a long list of rewarding bonuses and promotions. And that is the case for everything, up from the Welcome bonus package that rewards your first four deposits, up to the regular daily bonuses and prize drops. Moreover, it is fair to say that due to BC.Game’s amazing VIP club, bonuses and promotions will only get better. Meaning that the more VIP levels you unlock, the bigger and better your rewards.

The only drawback certain players may find is the fact that this is a crypto casino. As such, it still instils a certain amount of insecurity and doubts in many online casino players. But rest assured, it only takes a couple of minutes to learn how to operate in a crypto casino. And afterwards, you may never want to go back to a regular online casino ever again. Gamblers Connect definitely recommends it!

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